• The Disaster Chef Delicious Survival Granola
    The Disaster Chef Super Simple Survival Granola
  • Fire Grilled Survival Pizza
    The Disaster Chef Whoops up simple and delicious personal flatbread pizza's on a BBQ gas Grill
  • The Dutch Oven
    The Dutch oven. One of the single most valuable pieces in a disaster kitchen kit!

Welcome to The Disaster Chef Website –  Cook well in disaster or survival situations.  When the lights go out it doesn’t mean you can’t cook well and eat healthy!  survival cooking can be easy and fun!  Join The Disaster Chef for weekly video episodes on how to prepare and cook gourmet quality meals during disasters, in survival situations and other mayhem.  The Disaster Chef has also put together numinous recipes on how to cook well in disaster or survival situations and general articles dealing with survival cooking and food prep during emergency situations.  


Featured Episodes

Fire Grilled Survival Pizza

Episode #1   Fire Grilled Survival Pizza

A spring Ice storm knocks the power out and The Disaster Chef Hue whoops up a delicious Fire Grilled Survival Pizza on a gas powered BBQ with a few ingredients from the kitchen pantry shelf.


Featured Recipes

Cook well in any disaster or survival situations with these delicious recipes:

campfire-chickenfijita Survival Cooking- Campfire Chicken Fajitas - Sometimes, you just have to have some mexi-spice.   This recipe makes a great fireside foil packet dish. Ingredients: 1 boneless skinless chicken breast per person or 2 boneless skinless chicken thighs 2-3 tablespoons salsa (as hot as you like it) per person 1/4 medium red bell pepper, seeded and cut into strips per person 1/4 […]
cajun-red-beans-and-rice Survival Cajun Red Beans and Rice - Red Beans and rice are a go to staple in about 1/2 of the world.  It is an easy dish to make in a on-the- go disaster situation.   It is easy to make, from easy to gather ingredients and  can be made with all sorts of different heat sources.
italian-rice-beans-soupi Italian White Beans and Rice Soup - This hearty Italian white bean and rice soup is the perfect main dish for chilly days after a disaster.



Features Articles
Nutrition-pyramid Nutrition in Survival Cooking (11/22/2015) - Nutrition in Survival Cooking Staying healthy in a survival situation should be at the top of your  list.  By maintaining health in an extreme circumstance you can better insure your own survival and that of your families, friends or group mates.. Along with attention to proper hygiene, the key to staying healthy when you are […]
survival-cooking Measurements and Substitutions for Survival Cooking (3/18/2015) - Measurements and Substitutions for Survival Cooking In any type of disaster or survival cooking situation, you will find you may have to make do with whatever you may have on hand when whooping something up in the field kitchen. For many recipes, it is simple enough to substitute or even omit some of the main ingredients and […]
disaster_cooking Survival Food Tips and Hints (2/26/2015) - Survival Food Tips and Hints First of all, if you have no power, you most likely will not be able to check your computer for recipes, so make some hard copies of favorite recipes and place them in a notebook. (or get a handy solar charger for your laptop or smartphone You need a manual […]
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