Campfire Egg Fu Yung With Vegi’s

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Fu yung means “pretty face” in Chinese; it is a sort of shirred egg omelet. In a disaster, eggs can keep up to a few weeks outside of the refriderator, so this makes a good and easy wok  fdish  for a week after the disaster and you eaten up everything that is perisable.

Add cooked meats or shrimp or toasted nuts to the dish, but  add too much or there won’t be enough egg to bind the other ingredients.   This dish goes well with Sweet and Sour Pork and Vegetarian Fried Rice.


Prep time 5-10 min
Cooktime 3-7 min
Diffuclty: Easy


Fu Yung with Vegetables Ingredients

  • 2 teaspoons canola or olive oil
  • 1 scallion, finely sliced
  • 2 ounces carrots, cut into julien, 1-inch lengths
  • ¼ pound fresh bean sprouts
  • 1cup  chives, cut into 1-inch lengths
  • pinch of coarse sea salt
  • ½ teaspoon freshly ground black pepper
  • 4 eggs, lightly beaten

Fu Yung with Vegetables Preparation

  1. Heat the oil in a nonstick sauté pan over a high heat until piping hot, swirling the oil around the pan.
  2. Add the scallion and carrots, and stir-fry for a few seconds. Toss in the bean sprouts, Chinese chives, salt and pepper, and stir.
  3. Pour in the eggs and mix them with the vegetables over a medium to high heat. As the eggs start to set, fold the fu yung over in the middle to form a half-moon shape; then move it back to the center of the pan and continue cooking over a medium to high heat for 2 minutes.
  4. Toss or turn it over and cook the other side for 2 minutes.
  5. Serve immediately.
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One Response to “Campfire Egg Fu Yung With Vegi’s”

  1. Lindsy says:

    I’ve always wanted to try this recipe. Ever since seeing it in a godzilla movie a few months back of all things! I think this would be an easy recipe for a survival situation indeed!

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