Meet The Chef

The Disaster Chef on set

For two fun filled seasons Hue, The Disaster Chef has integrated his remarkable knowledge of survival and preparedness techniques, as well as; his passion for eating and living well, into his television series; The Disaster Chef.

Born in the wilds of North Idaho, Hue has traveled extensively throughout the world, and lived in many different countries, including Canada, Costa Rica, Nicaragua, Australia, the Philippines and many different states in the United States. He also spends a great deal of time on his sailing ship “The Marley Time” where he prefects many of his recipes in the small traditional galley.

small_cookingHue is one of Idaho’s most famous TV disaster Chef  and a respected food writer of three cookbooks and soon to be a fourth. He brings something different to the table – a unique combination of culinary and survival expertise. He stands apart from many of the other chefs that you see on TV in the sense that cooking with Hue is not only about the how-to of cooking. It is also a rich learning experience. He gives you the fascinating story and logic behind every ingredient technique and dish used .

He also has a love of all things film and TV production.  He has won numerous industry awards for his experimental animation and has worked on many feature films.   His production and media company “hues graphics’ provides much of the production support for the series.


A New Approach to Emergency Cooking

After watching a news feed once right after hurricane Katrina, where folks were stranded in a food store for over a week, but had no practical knowledge on how to prepare, cook and serve food in such a situation and were almost starving. Hue realized that modern  world has lost many of the historical skills and experience on how to plan for and run a field kitchen without modern services such as electricity, refrigeration and running water. This coupled with the knowledge that major super storms and other natural disasters are on the rise and can effect thousands if not millions of people, gave rise to the idea of The Disaster Chef.  The idea of recapturing this lost knowledge on how to cook and eat well without modern conveniences and providing it in a fun and educational way.
Hue combines the elegant simplicity of campfire cooking techniques with the materials and food sources that would logically be available to the everyday person after a disaster situation. The result is a completely new approach to cooking – a range of delicious modern and traditional dishes made simply and easily, requiring very little infrastructure all the while keeping it Fun, Simple and Flavorful

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